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Women Agripreneurship


Knowing the contribution of rural women to the well-being of the family and communities and the significance of their economic importance, Nestlé Pakistan has been extending support in the lives of women associated with the rural dairy sector in Pakistan. Nestlé believes that capacity building trainings for rural women will help improve livestock, healthcare facilities, create gender empowerment and boost income generation for rural communities.

In 2017, approximately 5,000 rural women were trained on Best Farm Practices through village meetings. Moreover, the program builds capacity to better support women entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. 11 women entrepreneurs were developed through this program. Moreover, 300 female milk suppliers were also made a part of Nestlé’s milk collection value chain.

20 years old Marium is one of our female entrepreneurs, working as a Nestlé Milk Sourcing Agent since 2016. Her father was a small-scale farmer looking after a family of five school going children. It was very difficult for him to run the family as well as provide his children with education in a meager income.

Marium is the eldest among her siblings. She said, “I want to support my father to manage school fees and stationary for my siblings.”

She was motivated and trained by Nestlé’s female dairy development team. After the completion of two weeks’ training at Nestlé’s milk collection center, she started collecting milk in her village.

She said, “I am proud that with this extra income, my sister and brothers are going to school, and I will keep supporting them as long they are studying.”

Along with milk collection, she has also started selling Nestlé products in her village, which has given her an additional opportunity to increase her income.